Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine [ Seeding program for original research seeds of young researchers in the medical sciences ]

Project Overview

Young researchers have their own research ideas, which we denote here as seeds. These seeds are originated during their study period. However, they often cannot harvest their research seeds because of various constraints. 
We consider that the research seeds are important for the future development of our University. We have selected three areas for the seeds: infection, inflammation and regenerative medicine. The purpose of this program is to promote the seeding by sending the young researchers to overseas research institutions where they can further cultivate the seeds utilizing the optimal environment.


The young researchers are expected to develop joint research collaboration between Tohoku University and overseas institutions. Thus, this program will facilitate to build up scientific relations between Tohoku University and the overseas institutions with a better understanding on the application of international research by utilizing the scientific research fund.
In the process of harvesting the research seeds of young researchers, researchers from the overseas institutions will also be invited to encourage the scientific exchange which will ultimately lead to develop and promote international collaboration.


This international collaborative research program supports the young researchers for developing their own research seeds by their active initiatives at the overseas institutions rather than playing a passive role being part of the research themes of others.